The All-Party Parliamentary Group on Air Pollution membership is made up of MPs and peers who work together to promote measures to tackle poor air quality.

Air quality is linked to 40,000 early deaths in the UK every year, and globally causes 1 in 9 of all deaths.

Through its meetings, study tours and advocacy, the Air Pollution APPG is working to raise the profile of both the problem and its solutions in Parliament.

The Air Pollution APPG’s officers are as follows:

Chair: Geraint Davies MP

Vice Chairs: Baroness Sheehan, Helen Hayes MP, Dr Dan Poulter MP, Karen Buck MP, John McNally MP, Baroness Jones

The group’s secretariat is provided by the Environmental Industries Commission (EIC).

For more information on APPGs in general, please visit the Parliament website.

The APPG on Air Pollution is sponsored by


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