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Amendments to the Environment Bill

Dear [Insert MP name], 

As a constituent, I am writing to you to ask you to vote for changes in the law to ensure enforceable air quality limits to protect the health of our local children and adults from January 2021. 

As evidence shows, air pollution causes 40,000 early deaths at a cost of £20 billion each year according to the Royal College of Physicians. Meanwhile, people spend 90% of their time indoors and are exposed to harmful air-borne chemicals from furniture, cleaning agents. The Royal College’s report on this makes a powerful case for indoor air quality to be included in the Environment Bill. 

Therefore, I’m writing to you to ask you to vote for amendments to the Environment Bill, supported by the All Party-Parliamentary Group on Air Pollution to provide: 

1.     Immediate legally-binding air quality limits in the Bill, and inclusion of the World Health Organisation annual average for PM2.5 (the smaller particulate) of 10 µg/m3  by 2030, with an interim target of 12 µg/m3 per year by 2025; 

2. A requirement that the Government reports each year on how it is improving indoor air quality. 

Having left the EU, the UK will be responsible for setting and enforcing its own targets from 2021. Therefore, I am concerned about the Government’s current plan to delay setting targets until 2022, that won’t be legally enforceable and can be changed.

Please advise me how you will vote on these two issues which are crucial to the future physical and mental health of our communities.

Best wishes 


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