This section contains links to information on the causes and effects of air quality failures in the UK, as well as some solutions to the problems that air pollution poses.

  • EIC’s Clearing the Air proposes a series of low cost measures to tackle air pollution in the transport sector. See more information here.
  • Defra’s annual report on air quality, which is required by the Ambient Air Quality Directive and the Air Quality Framework Directive, gives an outline of the extent to which the UK is compliant with EU limits and gives details of the spatial/temporal changes in concentrations. Read more here.
  • The EFRA Select Committee conducted an inquiry into air quality in the UK in early 2016. Their accessible report is wide ranging and speaks to some of the current gaps in current UK air quality policy. Click here to access the report.
  • IPPR produced a report in July 2016 called Lethal and Illegal: London’s air pollution crisis which speaks to the issue of air pollution in London and makes a series of recommendations for policy makers on how to tackle the problem. See the report here.
  • The Royal College of Physicians produced a report in 2016 entitled Every Breath We Take: the lifelong impact of air pollution. The report stipulates the health problems air pollution can cause throughout a person’s lifetime. It can be accessed here.
  • The APPG’s Strategy to Reduce Coronavirus Infection as we emerge from Lockdown in order to keep air pollution low and to deliver World Health Organisation Air Quality Standards can be found here Clean Air Exit Strategy