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All Party Parliamentary Group on Air Pollution > Event  > Event: the impact of Hydrogen on Air Pollution

Event: the impact of Hydrogen on Air Pollution

The All-Party Parliamentary Group on Air Pollution held a virtual roundtable with academics and an industry representative to discuss the impacts of the push for UK hydrogen production on air quality in affected areas, particularly in relation to cars and trains. The event concluded with a Q&A session.

Watch the full event here:

The virtual roundtable was hosted by the Chair of the APPG, Geraint Davies MP.

Professor Andrew Barron began by outlining the advantages of hydrogen use, as well as the methods of production. He also explained the potential for carbon negative hydrogen production.

The full presentation can be found here

Dr Alvin Orbaek White then took attendees through the potential for obtaining hydrogen from plastics, pointing out the opportunities presented by chemical recycling.

The full presentation can be found here

The presentations concluded with Celia Greaves, CEO and Founder of the UK Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association. She discussed the air quality impacts of using hydrogen to power transport and heating.

The full presentation can be found here

Geraint then led the Q&A session, covering a number of topics, from NOx emission mitigation to the implications of the cost-of-living crisis for a clean energy transition.

The APPG on Air Pollution would like to thank all of our panellists and attendees, particularly those who submitted questions.

Further questions and answers can be found here


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